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XPEL vs. 3M: What is the Best Paint Protection Film?

Two of the leading PPF manufacturers on the market are XPEL and 3M. Both brands are trusted names in the automotive industry and provide high-quality films. But which one is right for you?

XPEL is the clear winner when compared to 3M, as it offers unmatched self-healing capabilities and a 10-year warranty to protect your car for years to come.

Keep reading to get insider insights from the paint protection film experts at Precision Auto Spa.


Despite being a younger company, XPEL has quickly established itself as a power player in the automotive space. It uses advanced technologies to develop superior PPF, window tint, and ceramic coating.

XPEL offers an extensive line of PPF products. The company’s most popular films include:

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus
  • XPEL Ultimate Fusion
  • XPEL Stealth

One of the most notable features of XPEL PPF is its self-healing capabilities. This allows the PPF to heal itself from minor scrapes and swirl marks.


3M is one of the oldest paint protection film manufacturers out there. 3M developed the concept of PPF during the Vietnam War to prevent helicopter blades from getting damaged.

Since then, 3M has made its PPF available to the public. The company’s most popular paint protection film product is 3M Scotchgard.

What Are the Similarities Between XPEL and 3M?

3M and XPEL both make high-quality PPF. The main similarities between the two products include:

  • Both are scratch and stain resistant
  • Both offer long-lasting protection
  • Both wrap your car in an invisible shield of protection

Despite these similarities, there are also significant differences between XPEL and 3M paint protection film.

What Are the Differences Between XPEL and 3M?

One of the most significant differences between XPEL and 3M PPF is their self-healing capabilities. XPEL paint protection film was the first PPF to feature this unique ability. While 3M PPF now has self-healing properties, it doesn’t stack up to XPEL’s self-repairing capabilities.

Another key difference is the manufacturer’s warranties. While XPEL PPF comes with a 10-year and lifetime installation guarantee, 3M only offers a seven-year warranty.

Lastly, XPEL PPF will never experience any discoloration or staining. 3M PPF is prone to cracking and yellowing after only several years of use.

How Long Does XPEL Paint Protection Film Last?

One of the main questions drivers want to know before choosing a film is how long it will last. While 3M has a seven-year warranty, XPEL comes with a 10-year warranty. If you take proper care of your XPEL PPF, it will continue to offer unbeatable protection year after year.

Is XPEL Paint Protection Film Worth It?

At Precision Auto Spa, we’re proud to offer XPEL PPF solutions to Sacramento-area residents. We only use XPEL PPF because we genuinely believe it is worth the investment.

XPEL paint protection film will protect your auto paint from rock chips, scratches, and swirl marks. It can also prevent fading from UV exposure and damage caused by corrosive elements.

Which Is Better: 3M or XPEL?

XPEL and 3M both make great products. But when the two brands go head-to-head, XPEL is the clear winner. With unmatched self-healing capabilities and a 10-year warranty, XPEL PPF will protect your car for years to come.

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